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What clients say about Pilates with Kate...


“I’ve been attending pilates classes with Kate for nearly a year now and not only are they enjoyable and relaxing, but as time has progressed I’m now finding that both my flexibility and posture have improved. The gradual strengthening of ‘core’ and back muscles are making backache a thing of the past, as well as improving my golf... now that has to be a bonus!”

John W


“...the classes are small so Kate is able to monitor each person closely so we can make individual adjustments to our posture, alignment etc; it sets me up for the weekend so I leave feeling relaxed, stretched and taller – I often have to readjust the rear view mirror when I get back into the car!”

Barbara T


“I've only done a few classes but I am really feeling the benefit already. Kate gives clear and easy instructions making the moves easy to follow. We progress each week without feeling left behind or too overstretched, just right. Lovely atmosphere.”

Amanda K


"Having been recommended to do Pilates by a Physiotherapist to strengthen my lower back, I have found considerable benifit from attending Kate's weekly sessions. She is a great teacher, highly experienced and cheerfully merciless, and I come out of each hour long class feeling​ more supple, stronger and, I swear, several inches taller."

Marion B

What clients say about Zoom Pilates with Kate...


“I wanted to let you know that I think that Pilates by Zoom is working very well. Your explanations, which are essential, are clear & precise. Thanks for setting up arrangements to enable us to continue Pilates during lockdown.”

 Charles M

“Thank you so much for yesterday’s Pilates session. I really enjoyed it. I could see you clearly and could follow your instructions and demonstration.”

Sue C


“Thank you so much for tonight’s lesson. I really enjoyed it! It’s a great idea and will help the time spent inside pass so much more quickly.”

Jean W


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