How to book and pay

Contact Kate by phone or email at

Fees are for the full course and can be paid in advance by Cash or BACS.

To book Pure Balance Pilates classes, contact 01260 275561 or email

To book Alderley Pilates Studio classes, contact 01625 860 475 or email


What to expect

Classes are informal and friendly. You won’t be asked to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable – exercises are based around slow, small movements, gentle stretching and breathing. But you may leave feeling as though you’ve had a good stretch and workout!


What to bring/wear

 Just wear light comfortable clothes that protect your modesty and are easy to move around in.

Kate has all the equipment Mats, cushions, balls, bands etc...

Terms & Conditions

All missed classes must be made up within the term that they are missed. In certain circumstances, at the discretion of Kate, catch up classes may be permitted outside of the term in which they are missed. Catch up sessions will only be authorised to current paying clients who are registered and attending a regular weekly class. Catch ups cannot therefore be taken in lieu of paying term fees. No refunds can be offered for missed classes.

PLEASE NOTE - This is a courtesy service based on availability of spaces -  as such no guarantee can be made that clients will be able to make up sessions that they have missed.

Block Fees are payable in advance, 1 week before a new block begins and are non refundable.

Data Protection Policy ​

We adhere to the principles of the GDPR General Data Protection Regulation) 2018 and apply best practice for managing information.